For most people, being charged with a crime is emotionally devastating. Beyond the embarrassment, there is the insecurity about how and when the case will be resolved. This often leads to debilitating depression. We represent our clients with compassion and with an understanding of the frailty of the human condition. In other words, we are that beacon of hope that a good criminal defense lawyer should be.

Straight Forward

Our approach in criminal cases is straight forward. We start with a thorough understanding of the facts. We then advise our clients on whether or not a crime was committed, and if so, whether the prosecutor can prove it. If the decision is to go to trial, our clients can expect aggressive representation. We work closely with private investigators and other experts to ensure our clients get the best possible defense.


Our clients have access to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are licensed to practice in all counties in Oregon as well as in federal court. We are there for our clients when and where they need us. We can meet with out clients at our offices, the incident scene, or even the jail or prison if necessary.


Hiring an attorney is expensive. To make it affordable for our clients, we offer an affordable initial consultation ($250). For clients who want to lock in their total charges, we have flat fee agreements. There is enough stress already in criminal cases. Finances should not be the source of additional stress. We try to keep costs as low as possible while at the same time charging enough to ensure a quality legal defense.

Areas of Practice

  • Measure 11 Crimes: These are very serious crimes. A conviction means a lengthy mandatory prison sentence with no possibility of probation. Here especially an experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential.
  • DUI and Traffic Offenses: A conviction for DUII, Reckless Driving, or Hit & Run can be particularly devastating for people who have to drive for a living. We defend our clients in court on these charges, and we represent them at any DMV hearings.
  • Sexual Offenses: If you are being investigated for, or have been charged with, a sexual crime, your future really depends on hiring an experienced lawyer. Besides being labeled and having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life, sexual crime convictions can never be expunged. Let us help you with these serious matters.
  • Assault and Domestic Violence: We have seen an unusual uptick in these cases recently. Especially in the context of the dissolution of a family. Convictions often result in jail time and future prohibitions in possessing weapons. An experienced lawyer is an important advocate in establishing what actually happened in any given case.
  • Restraining Orders and Stalking Orders: Violence, the threat of violence, and unwanted contact often results in the issuance of a restraining order or a stalking order. We help our clients understand when these remedies are appropriate, and we defend clients served with restraining orders or stalking orders.
  • Drug Crimes: Although possession of marijuana is no longer a state crime, it remains a federal crime. We represent and assist clients charged with possession, manufacture, and/or distribution of any illegal controlled substance.
  • Theft and Property Crimes: We represent clients charged with all levels of theft and property crimes, including robbery, burglary, theft, shoplifting, and criminal trespass.
  • Expungements: Where the law allows, we assist clients in setting aside the records of their past arrests and criminal convictions.

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