Hired Susan Snell for estate planning and to execute a financial transaction. Sue is extremely diligent and responded in a timely manner. I am very pleased with her service and have referred her to friends as well.

Martin, Elliott & Snell has represented me and my several companies for over 28 years from real estate to family law to business.  The protection of my interests was a priority for the firm.  They do an excellent job and are in a rare class of attorneys that truly want to provide outstanding service.

Ken H.

We all have problems once in a while. When we do, we need someone that you feel is “On your side.” Susan is that person. Someone that will listen and offer sensible advise. We needed an attorney for a complex real estate transaction that involved multiple family members with varying interests (none of which could agree on anything). She was able to structure the sale so that everyone was happy (except uncle John), If the need every arises again, I will be back on her doorstep.

For me, it is NOT pleasant when having to consult an attorney – it’s a problem that needs to be handled and what I need is a professional attorney with a sense of urgency and someone willing to advise me on the positive and negative and how to get my issue(s) resolved. I appreciate the entire staff at Martin, Elliott and Snell but especially Sue Snell and how she has handled every transaction professionally and offered the “human” spin which was greatly appreciated. I have recommended Sue Snell to many friends – all of which thanked me for the connection. I seem to be a repeat offender so a repeat client (that is a joke – meaning I always have things that come up and happy to have the connection to call and handle things). You wont be disappointed if you call.

After 18 years of marriage, I was devastated by the prospect of a divorce.  Tom Elliott helped me achieve a settlement that protected my children and was fair to both sides.