Cedar Landscape has worked with the folks at Martin, Elliott & Snell for 24 years.  We have been very pleased with the results, from the courtroom to collection of delinquent accounts.  ME&S pays their way.

Susan Snell is an exceptional attorney with extensive knowledge and an intuitive sense. She actively listens to the issue(s) and is able to select the most important information to determine the best course of action. She responds quickly and follows through with what she states she will do. I have reached out to Susan more than once when needing legal assistance and she has always exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Susan Snell.

This law firm was referred to me about five years ago by a good friend in regard to a personal injury issue I had. It was handled very professionally and resolved favorably for myself. Then a few years back I had an legal “emergency”. My mother who suffers from dementia/alzheimers had a severe breakdown, I needed to get immediate legal guardianship of her in order to ensure her safety. Susan Snell made that happen within a few hours! Susan also assisted me in obtaining legal conservatorship of my mother’s affairs and in filing the documents required by the court each year. She is wonderful to work with, helps her clients understand legal jargon and puts your mind at ease in trying times.

A few years ago, I hired Tom Elliott to help my son with some legal problems. Tom was able to quickly resolve those cases. Just recently, my son got in trouble again in two different counties here in Oregon. Once again, Tom was able to quickly get the cases settled. There are two things I appreciate about Tom Elliott. First, he gets cases resolved quickly and economically. Second, and maybe more importantly, he took a caring approach in representing my son. To this day, my son thinks of Tom as another brother.

After my divorce, I hired Tom Elliott to help me with some issues my ex-husband and I were having regarding the parenting of our children. Tom was able to help me get a result in court that was truly in the best interests of our children. Tom’s services were not inexpensive, but this was an expense I was willing to incur to fight for what was best for my children.